Saturday, January 8, 2011

AKB48, SKE48, NMB48 and SDN48 Members List

For an updated list, click here:

As of January 8, 2011. Click the images to enlarge.


Team A

Team K

Team B

Promoted Kenkyuuseis (Teams to be Announced)


Team S

Team KII

Team E



1st Gen

2nd Gen

Team Kenkyuusei

AKB48 10th Gen Kenkyuusei

AKB48 11th Gen Kenkyuusei

SKE48 Kenkyuusei


  1. Thanks for updating your blog, I will always follow you blog ^_^ and if possible I hope you can leave url for HD music video, thanks :D

  2. Thank you for the very nice comment! Sorry also for not being able to update the blog as much as I would like to, I'm just really busy these days. For your request, email me on the email address on my sidebar on the right, and I will email you back. ;D

  3. Nice blog about akb! I just wanted to ask if you would be updating info here as there is already 12th gen kenkyuusei and one of those is the totally adorable hirata rina (hillary/ hirari).

  4. Waah.. you're not updating it eh..? :\ so many change after the last 2012 shuffle.. u better update it so people will know about it (of course we knew about it :D but what about the newbies...?) zannen desu...! >.<

  5. So sorry it took so long to update, I've been too busy. Zannen desu yo!

    Here's the updated list: . I also put this link at the top and bottom of the post and adjusted the link of the sidebar on the right to point there.

    And I agree Rina Hirata is adorable, the fact that she speaks english just adds to it!