Wednesday, December 16, 2009

AKB48 at G-Rosso 2009 Sept. 17

I just recently saw the video of AKB48’s 2009 Sept. 17 G-Rosso performance. Many members of Team K and B were joined by a few Kenkyuuseis (I guess Team A was left to perform at the Akihabara theater) to perform Himawari-gumi’s second stage (from almost two years ago), which is great since Team B was never included in Himawari-gumi, so it was fun that Team B gets to perform a Himawari-gumi stage with Team K. (They didn’t perform a few of the songs though.) A few of my favorites from B and K weren’t there but that’s ok since many were. It wasn’t just that Team B filled in for Team A, since a lot of Team K Himawari-gumi members weren’t there, it ended up looking as if there were also interesting shuffles. It was great that I got to see Mayuyu take Acchan’s place in Hajimete no Jellybeans, and I was stricken when they started playing Seishun no Inazuma (pun intended), and Let’s Get 1 Ato Senchi (they brought the swivel chairs) and 50% was fun, but my favorite performance was Rock da yo, Jinsei wa...

This is a fun one and a half hour performance for Team B and Team K fans.