Saturday, September 11, 2010

My AKB48 Merchandise

Here's some AKB merchandise I own! These are, of course, licensed / official merchandise. Click to enlarge!

I'll start off with Theater pics, BLT's, Gachas and, well, pictures! (My albums are arranged by old teams.)

Mayuyu <3







Team B!



B! B! B!

Watarirouka Hashiritai Cards

On to Team A:



Takamina! Reinyan!


Akicha! Amina!


Acchan! Mii!

Team A!

Mariya! Wasamin!

Thunderous Team K Time!





Tomo~mi! Team K!


Costume cards and trading cards (Upper right is non-AKB: Idoling!!!'s leader Endo Mai, but since she has appeared on AKBingo!, January 8 and Junuary 15, 2009 episode, and since Idoling!!! is close to AKB's heart, she's cool with me)



Jurina! Kumi!

Anna! Shinkai!

Yuimin! Rena! Haruka! Oya!

Wimbledon! Tsukina!


Unless you're willing to throw wads of cash at me or make me an offer only an idiot would refuse, the above pics are not for sale! The pics below are, because some are duplicates. I hesitate to part with my precious silver Mayuyu pic, even if it is a duplicate, so I would only sell that if the amount is too good to pass up.

Tanamin, Korisu, Eiko Maeda, Shimazaki, Nakanishi

Gussan, Narita, former Kenkyuuseis

Naruse, Naruppe
Naruppe, Matsuyuki



All the singles released after my fandom started (which is sometime after the release of Iiwake Maybe). I preordered all the singles they have that have hit #1 up to the time of this posting. The first single I preordered was their first #1 single, River. Maybe I'm their lucky charm huh. Also included are both the albums they have released.

Unopened Theater versions (originally sold exclusively at AKB's Akihabara theater) of all the singles released since my fandom started, including Iiwake Maybe, and Kamikyoku Tachi. (Still buying Heavy Rotation though.)

Watarirouka Hashiritai's singles, all preordered, starting with the first single that hit #1 for them, Akkanbe Bashi. Again, it's interesting that the first Warota single I preordered is their first to hit #1. Also included is Watarirouka's first PB, Akkanbe.

Watarirouka Hashiritai's first album, "Rouka wa Hashiruna!", and their first image DVD (added Nov. 2010)

Mayuyu merchandise. Still to arrive are her official solo trading cards. My Kokoro no Hane below is also the Mayuyu version, of course.

Mayuyu's first solo calendar (added Nov. 2010)

CinDy's first solo calendar (added Nov. 2010)

More singles. One reason I love the Michiru Hoshino CD is because the girls wrote the songs in it.

The early AKB48 Welcome books from their first two stages.

Complete four-piece set of the original AKB Visual Books of 2008.

Complete three-piece set of the second version of the AKB Visual Books of 2010

More mooks! AKB48 Jump & Cry, one of the oldest AKB PB's, shown on AKBingo!, the first SKE48 Complete Book, and the first AKBingo! Official Book. All of them are actually pretty good!

More merchandise, including an Amina Sato Team B shirt.

3D Cards and Viewer!

Unopened posters that came with my singles. I will either sell these or post them when I move somewhere permanent. You know, because I'm moving to Japan just because of AKB. (In my dreams!)