Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Who the Fudge? (An intro that's not necessarily too funny)

You can call me Silver Rain. I am an AKB48 fan. When I say AKB48, that includes SKE48, SDN48, and whatever 48 Akimoto Yasushi comes up with.

I'm a new fan; I just started this year (2009). I wasn't particularly impressed with the first videos and songs that were shown to me (Baby, Baby, Baby and Aitakatta) but when I saw their concerts (JCB December 2008 and NHK April 2009) I fell in love with the group! I love stage performances and I was impressed! Today, they're my favorite theater group. I now know quite a lot about them and have seen and listened to many of their stuff. Their first stuff that I actually bought was a preordered copy of River. I'll probably post pics some other time.

Maybe my perspectives as a fresh fan would be interesting (at least, I'm new for the first few posts). My plans to go to Japan might also be interesting (A friend and I are planning to go on vacation there next month, December 2009).

I am Filipino. Yes, I am aware that Sayaka Akimoto (no relation to Yasushi Akimoto that I know of) is half-Filipina.

I am also aware that Silver Rain is also the title of a movie that starred Yuko Oshima, but it doesn't mean she's my favorite, although I do like her a lot, and find her really entertaining and cute. I just liked the name, and it has a lot of meaning for me.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Masters Degree in Management (Major in Business Management) from the University of the Philippines, and am a member of Mensa. I write those in case Aki-P is reading this and would like to hire me for something (please!). It would be nice to get a job (I'm a "young" college professor) or a scholarship for PhD in Japan. I am male, adult, single, and straight. Just thought of getting those out of the way.

I'm fluent in English and Filipino. I'm trying to learn Japanese. The key word there being "trying", so don't talk to me in Japanese yet as I likely won't understand you (honto ni!).

Please don't take some of the things I say too seriously. I don't really think about what I'm writing here so I'm probably just kidding. I hope I don't use too much time for this blog, but hope to add a lot of stuff frequently.

Am I really moving to Japan just because of AKB? Yes! (Please refer to the previous paragraph.)

This blog is an experiment. I'm doing my part in spreading the AKB love, gather the Filipino fans, and give a shout out to all the other international fans. I hope I can introduce some interesting factoids to new fans, and maybe become a resource for AKB info. Apart from any news that I can get (likely through the other fans too), I plan to write about semi-random members, songs, performances, and anything else related to them. I want AKB to know that their international fan base is growing. I also plan on writing stupid theories involving them.

I am also a fan of Utada Hikaru, and have had a copy of First Love years before it was broadcast in Philippine radio. That late. As the best group of their genre today, AKB should rock internationally sometime (I know they've done Paris and New York this year), but should the Philippines get on the bandwagon years late again, I would like to shout out, hey, I've been riding this pony since Iiwake Maybe!