Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Majisuka Gakuen: AKB48's New TV Drama

AKB has a new TV show! (Yay!) The comedy-drama Majisuka Gakuen (Academy? Really?) features MANY of the AKB (even SKE and SDN) girls, and will start on January 8, 2010, Friday. The girls will be playing high school yankees (in Japan, they mean delinquents) who are part of different gangs.

To check out who's in, and the roles they'll be playing, see http://stage48.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=246849#p246849

Here's a Japanese article on it (also the source of the pic below): http://www.scramble-egg.com/artist/akb48/105majisuka.htm

The show airs for 41 minutes (0:12 midnight until 0:53) and will run until March 26 (I think 12 episodes).

This looks like it's going to be really fun and cool; I  hope I can watch this one!

P.S. The girls have been getting so many awards, I'm likely not going to mention any anymore, unless it's Kouhaku or something.