Friday, February 19, 2010

Will the Philippines Ever Love AKB48?

One time, long ago, while I was watching MTV Philippines, I was so excited that they played a Kpop song, I turned up the volume, and pretty much rocked to it. I was already a big Utada Hikaru fan that time, so I was so happy that the Philippines was opening its doors to non-english, non-filipino music. That was until I found out that the reason why those Kpop dudes were popular was because they were in this Korean soap opera which was really, really popular at the time. It wasn't even really the music the Filipinos actually loved! Augh!

Once in a while, there are non-english, non-filipino songs that hit in the Philippines. Utada Hikaru's Automatic was a big hit, even before I knew who she was, and there was also Sweet Soul Revue by Pizzacato Five. Of course, once in a while, we get foreign, non-english songs that aren't Asian, that become hits too, like the French song Angelina.

Lately, there is this hit song in the Philippines, done by this all female Kpop group. I've never really liked the song, but Filipinos are crazy about it. A friend of mine explained that there was an all-english version of the song, and I was thinking maybe that's why it's popular. Or maybe because the lyrics are simple or the dance steps are easy to do. I really don't know since when I heard it, it really didn't appeal to me that much, so I was wondering, why wouldn't Filipinos like AKB? AKB blows that Kpop song away.

Maybe it's because many Filipinos like simple lyrics (I don't). Some Filipino music are quite shallow, so all-Japanese AKB songs may turn off some Filipinos, as they wouldn't be able to appreciate the quality of the lyrics, or the composition as a whole, if they don't understand it. Then again, AKB has all-english versions of Bingo! and Oogoe Diamond, and I'm wondering why AKB doesn't make that available to us fans! I love Bingo! and Oogoe Diamond, their tune is upbeat, and they are pretty catchy, so I think AKB can gather more fans if those all-english versions will be made available.

Filipinos like cute girls, but then again, what nationality doesn't, and eventhough I like Japanese beauty, others like non-Asian beauties. Not that they would want to, but for discussion's sake, if AKB truly wanted to be big in the Philippines, you know what they should do? Highlight the fact Sayaka Akimoto is half-Filipino! Filipinos love their kins. Filipinos have been claiming ownership over Ernie Reyes, Jr. and Rob Schneider and anyone else with the slightest Filipino lineage. And when Manny Pacquiao triumphs, Filipinos claim the victory. Filipinos would adore the fact Sayaka is half-Filipino, plus points with the fact that she understands at least a little Filipino! AKB's powerhouse supergirl, who is so fun, crazy and as game as necessary can easily catch Filipino hearts (she already has with non-Filipinos). Filipinos would revel in the fact that one of the biggest stars of AKB, and the captain of one of the three main teams, has Filipino blood. Oh, and don't get me started with her beauty, you know the Filipinos are going to claim that on our blood too.

Yes, AKB should definitely send Sayaka to the Philippines. Maybe have her shoot her first PB here? Even if they're not going to go after the Filipino market, they should send her here just for me. I'm a very willing tour guide, not that I know any tourist spots. But hey, I'll make good company! Ok, not really, but they should send me with her anyway.

I can imagine years from now, Filipinos will start chanting, "Aitakatta! Aitakatta! Aitakatta! Yes! Kimi ni..." Or maybe that's the current Filipino AKB48 fan club at our gathering over Karaoke. See this thread here to see what I'm talking about :