Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sakura no Shiori Sells 229,528 Copies on Its First Day!

Woah. The relatively criticized single by many AKB fans shatters former thoughts about AKB. River was amazing when it hit 200,000, days after it was released, but Sakura no Shiori is poised to blow River's stats away.

So Iiwake Maybe definitely paved the way for its successors. Three posts ago, I mentioned I was concerned people didn't like my second favorite AKB song because it sold less than its predecessor, Namida Surprise, but when Iiwake Maybe hit #1 in the Best 100 2010, I realized it actually paved the way for River to sell so successfully. And all the preceding singles and all the hard work the girls and everyone in the AKB family have put in are coming to fruition, with Sakura no Shiori's sales.

This just goes to show what I mentioned three posts earlier. AKB fans purchase AKB singles not just because they like the single, but because they like AKB, regardless of the song. Granted, it's possible fans may really like the other tracks Majisuka Rock n' Roll, Enkyori Poster and Choose Me!, (and some actually do like the song Sakura no Shiori itself) and although these are great tracks, there have been better singles released by AKB that have sold only about 10% of Sakura no Shiori's first day sales. This should well establish the domination of AKB48 for their genre. This proves the awesome growth of AKB's fanbase! Us AKB fans just love our girls!

This is a great time to be an AKB48 fan! Looks like I became an AKB fan at about the right time. I'll be waiting for my preordered copy of Sakura no Shiori to arrive soon! (Yeah, you know I have one of those 229,528!)

Ill-received when it was first made public, Sakura no Shiori is now set to become AKB's highest selling single so far. Until they release their next single, that is, which we can expect will beat Sakura no Shiori's records too. I'm already excited about the next single! Defstar must be kicking themselves now!

Congratulations to AKB48! Amazing. Unbelievable. Awesome. AKB48!!!