Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Majisuka Gakuen Season 2 Episode 3: More References and Nezumi Picspam!

I enjoyed pointing out references to real life in the first 2 episodes in my previous post, so after watching episode 3, I wanted to point out a few more.

Before that, I noticed Nezumi has a lot more, different hoodies. Mayuyu's turning out to be one of the best actresses of the bunch. And it turned out well for Amina and Yukarin to be Yabakune, now they're getting more screen time. The fight scenes are also getting more interesting.

First off, as classic as the Jurina Matsui vs. Rena Matsui fight last episode, episode 3 features the fight between real life close friends Tomomi Itano and Tomomi Kasai. I love TomoTomo.

A known wrestling fanatic, Asuka Kuramochi shows us some wrestling submission holds and maneuvers.

Mocchi with a devastating clothesline.

Mocchi puts Amina in an abdominal stretch.

Mocchi puts Yukarin in a boston crab.

Yukarin taps out.

Begin Nezumi Picspam.

Again, channeling real life, a face-off between Shibuya and Nezumi. Tomochin beat Mayuyu in last year's Senbatsu elections, taking the #4 rank away from her, causing Mayuyu to drop one spot. If you finished the episode, do you think Mayuyu would be beaten that easily?

Watching this for the first time, I wanted to shout out "SHIBUYA!!! DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH MY LITTLE GIRL!!!"

I dunno if this really references anything, I know Sasshi loves Mayuyu, but I'm just putting it here 'cause this is my favorite scene of the episode.

MAYUYU!!! ;v;

Makes me wanna run over and give her a hug.

This gave me goosebumps. I love Mayuyu and Jurina.

All beaten up and still cute!

Such a gorgeous tandem. I'm loving this duo.

My poor baby.

Oshimen tugs heart strings.

So was Shibuya even a part of this, or was this all Nezumi? Nezumi is my favorite villain ever!