Tuesday, January 12, 2010

AKB's Request Hour Setlist Best 100 and WWE's Royal Rumble

I used to be a big WWE fan. (I told you I loved theater.) I haven't watched a WWE show in a while, but I noticed a number of similarities between WWE's Royal Rumble and AKB's Request Hour Setlist Best 100.

The Royal Rumble is an annual event, and so is the Request Hour Setlist Best 100. They are also both held on January. Although Wrestlemania is WWE's biggest event, the Royal Rumble is my favorite WWE annual event. My favorite AKB annual event is the Best 100 (not that they already have a lot of annual events though).

The Royal Rumble is packed with characters (wrestlers). So is the Best 100. Even less popular characters make an appearance in the 30-man over-the-top-rope rumble. Less popular members and less performed performances are performed in the Best 100 when voters vote for them.

There's so much going on in the ring in the Royal Rumble, that you don't know where to look. The same can be said for the Best 100. One thing I absolutely love about the Best 100 is that members who aren't performing are out on stage watching at the benches behind the performers, to enjoy the performances themselves, and so that their fans can see them. Many times, these girls sitting on the benches are as entertaining to watch as the performances. I hope they don't shy up and we get to see more silly antics. I love seeing these girls interact with each other, especially if they're having fun with girls from teams they're not in, since we don't often get to see that. Seeing CinDy and Nacchan sitting with their old Team A teammates, and Harugon with Kana was fun.

WWE brings inactive, former characters back in the Royal Rumble. (It was fun to see Piper and Snuka duke it out one more time.) AKB tries to bring back graduated members when the subunit they originally performed makes it to the Best 100. This is one of my favorite parts of the Best 100. Seeing AKB's original little girl, Kayano Masuyama, grow up before our eyes, Michiru Hoshino do many songs, Hana Tojima do Faint, Yu Imai come back for Aisareru to Iyu Koto, Rina Nakanishi come back to Chocolove, just to name a few! Bringing back the graduates is one of the best things about the Best 100.

And except for that time with Hart and Luger, there can only be one winner in the Royal Rumble. In the Setlist Best 100, there can be only one #1.

Haruna Kojima vs Yuko Oshima
(Photo from Shinoda's blog)

Haruna takes on Yuko because she just won't stop teasing her.
Yuko takes on Haruna because I think she has a crush on Haruna and she just loves her so much.