Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sayaka Akimoto Mentions She's Half-Filipina

I've been looking for a video that shows Sayaka Akimoto mentioning she has Filipino blood. When I was watching an episode of Sanma no Manma (Nov. 29, 2009 episode), a friendly chat show that guested 10 members of AKB48, I nearly jumped out of my seat when I heard her say it!

The host was inquiring about their first performance in New York when the girls said that it was Sayaka Akimoto who MC'ed it. Since Japanese are normally bad at english, Sayaka would explain that she's half-Filipina. Another interesting part was that apparently the host also knew a little Filipino. After asking for her fullname, the host would then say "Akimoto maganda Hapon". That wasn't the amazing part; what was amazing was that Sayaka understood it! Sayaka would then explain to the other girls what "maganda" meant, and then what "Hapon" meant (maganda is beautiful and Hapon is Japanese, meaning Akimoto is a beautiful Japanese [the grammar is a little off, it should be "magandang Hapon", but it was understandable]). It was fun to hear the AKB girls repeat the phrase "maganda Hapon", and seeing Akimoto explain what it meant.

Ang galing mo, Sayaka!