Tuesday, March 2, 2010

River: The PV that Could Scare Filipinos

One time, while watching my River DVD for the nth time, I realized this PV could scare some Filipinos. AKB's military themed video suddenly reminded me of the fact that the Philippines was attacked and occupied by Japanese forces during World War II (around 1942-1945). I remember those days, I was married to my fourth wife, and we'd dodge bombs and missiles left and right...

All seriousness aside, the joke of old Filipinos still going wacky whenever they see a Japanese fellow is still done on some Filipino media. Of course, Japan has moved on to bigger and better things, while some Filipinos cling to this part of our history. I know that part of our history is nothing to be laughed at, and it was a seriously awful and horrible time for us, but this post isn't meant to bring its readers down.

I wonder what would have happened if we we're never freed from the Japanese forces. Yeah, the War was a depressing time, but for discussion purposes, let's imagine that we got over those bad days, and the Philippines became a part of Japan, and we were part of the rise of the new Japan. I'd be speaking Japanese right now! Japanese people would be everywhere here! The Philippine economy would be so much better! And I'd have more access to AKB stuff! AKB could do concerts in the Philippines! And it would be easier for me to go to the Akihabara theater!

Okay, fanciful thinking, but in reality, the Philippines has nothing to fear over the military forces of Japan these days as Japan already has a policy that they can only use their military for defensive purposes, never offensive. Besides, the AKB girls in military uniforms weren't and wouldn't be scary, they rocked. As far as I'm concerned, these girls can invade me any day.