Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sakura no Shiori

This post is a continuation of the AKB48 Discography post (here's the previous post: http://filipinoakbfan.blogspot.com/2010/01/akb48-discography-actually-just-list-of.html)

17. Sakura no Shiori
Continuing the streak started by River, Sakura no Shiori is the 2nd single of AKB48 to rank #1 in the weekly Oricon charts. It also sold the most copies compared with previous singles, selling well over 300,000 copies. "Cherry Blossom Bookmark" is a mellow, calming, graduation choir song. Although only 12 were Senbatsu for this song, the PV shows many of the AKB48 girls, wearing elegant kimonos.

The second track is Majisuka Rock n' Roll, a fast-paced rock song, which is the theme of their on-going drama at the time of its release, Majisuka Gakuen. The PV contains most of the opener of the actual series, with clips from the early episodes.

For the first time, two versions contained different third tracks, the first one is Enkyori Poster (Long Distance Poster), a fast paced love song about loving the person on the poster on your wall (kinda like a song their fans can sing for them, like Kimi no Koto ga Sukidakara, which many fans have compared even the sound of the song to), performed by Team PB (Team Playboy), while the second one is Choose Me!, a relatively slower love song about unrequited love, performed by Team YJ (Team Young Jump). The PV of Enkyori Poster is more lively, with the girls on the poster coming to life and making a mess of the boy's room while he is away, while Choose Me!'s PV is serious and moving, especially the shots at the train station, and the teary close up shots. For more discussion on this, you may see http://filipinoakbfan.blogspot.com/2010/01/preorder-sakura-no-shiori.html

The single, released February 17, 2010, also contained instrumentals of the first two tracks, along with bonus clips on the DVD.

Sakura no Shiori PV

I think they were dancing River in this part

Majisuka Rock n' Roll PV

Majisuka Gakuen's lead actress, Maeda Atsuko, in a signature move by her character

Enkyori Poster PV

Yuki Kashiwagi, the clear center of Enkyori Poster

Choose Me! PV

Although I liked Enkyori Poster more, there were more good shots in Choose Me!'s PV