Friday, February 19, 2010

Will the Philippines Ever Love AKB48?

One time, long ago, while I was watching MTV Philippines, I was so excited that they played a Kpop song, I turned up the volume, and pretty much rocked to it. I was already a big Utada Hikaru fan that time, so I was so happy that the Philippines was opening its doors to non-english, non-filipino music. That was until I found out that the reason why those Kpop dudes were popular was because they were in this Korean soap opera which was really, really popular at the time. It wasn't even really the music the Filipinos actually loved! Augh!

Once in a while, there are non-english, non-filipino songs that hit in the Philippines. Utada Hikaru's Automatic was a big hit, even before I knew who she was, and there was also Sweet Soul Revue by Pizzacato Five. Of course, once in a while, we get foreign, non-english songs that aren't Asian, that become hits too, like the French song Angelina.

Lately, there is this hit song in the Philippines, done by this all female Kpop group. I've never really liked the song, but Filipinos are crazy about it. A friend of mine explained that there was an all-english version of the song, and I was thinking maybe that's why it's popular. Or maybe because the lyrics are simple or the dance steps are easy to do. I really don't know since when I heard it, it really didn't appeal to me that much, so I was wondering, why wouldn't Filipinos like AKB? AKB blows that Kpop song away.

Maybe it's because many Filipinos like simple lyrics (I don't). Some Filipino music are quite shallow, so all-Japanese AKB songs may turn off some Filipinos, as they wouldn't be able to appreciate the quality of the lyrics, or the composition as a whole, if they don't understand it. Then again, AKB has all-english versions of Bingo! and Oogoe Diamond, and I'm wondering why AKB doesn't make that available to us fans! I love Bingo! and Oogoe Diamond, their tune is upbeat, and they are pretty catchy, so I think AKB can gather more fans if those all-english versions will be made available.

Filipinos like cute girls, but then again, what nationality doesn't, and eventhough I like Japanese beauty, others like non-Asian beauties. Not that they would want to, but for discussion's sake, if AKB truly wanted to be big in the Philippines, you know what they should do? Highlight the fact Sayaka Akimoto is half-Filipino! Filipinos love their kins. Filipinos have been claiming ownership over Ernie Reyes, Jr. and Rob Schneider and anyone else with the slightest Filipino lineage. And when Manny Pacquiao triumphs, Filipinos claim the victory. Filipinos would adore the fact Sayaka is half-Filipino, plus points with the fact that she understands at least a little Filipino! AKB's powerhouse supergirl, who is so fun, crazy and as game as necessary can easily catch Filipino hearts (she already has with non-Filipinos). Filipinos would revel in the fact that one of the biggest stars of AKB, and the captain of one of the three main teams, has Filipino blood. Oh, and don't get me started with her beauty, you know the Filipinos are going to claim that on our blood too.

Yes, AKB should definitely send Sayaka to the Philippines. Maybe have her shoot her first PB here? Even if they're not going to go after the Filipino market, they should send her here just for me. I'm a very willing tour guide, not that I know any tourist spots. But hey, I'll make good company! Ok, not really, but they should send me with her anyway.

I can imagine years from now, Filipinos will start chanting, "Aitakatta! Aitakatta! Aitakatta! Yes! Kimi ni..." Or maybe that's the current Filipino AKB48 fan club at our gathering over Karaoke. See this thread here to see what I'm talking about :


  1. well, they can send Sayaka to stay in my house *EHEM* and she can have my room

    i am not sure if i will blame filipinos on their trait on being lazy to understand another language or it is because a lot of us are miseducated so most tend to grab on songs that are easier to understand.

  2. Blame those Korean dramas and Filipino girls who love pretty boys so much! Really, I don't see a reason why Jpop is not as big as Kpop here. Both genres are non-english ('cept Kpop adds a little english in their songs and Jpop doesn't).

  3. interesting read, the thing is, there is really no exact formula on what will click here in the Philippines, so I really don't care much. But Sayaka coming here would be really.. "interesting." And rumors has it that her mom is from Cebu so.. *insert blushing akb fangirl emoticon here :P

  4. Hehe, you would so love that, huh! Cebu is fine, I'm willing to go to Cebu! But on that note, hey, you should come back here soon, I have a post soon that may blow your mind!

  5. I second to that Filipinos love Kpop than Jpop... and yes, I also blame the Korean dramas for that because ever since it came out it's all about Kdrama/kpop with their boys. Japan have their boys too, you know. Well, that's not the point, Jpop have been overshadowed by the kpop since the dramas came. That's why when you guys watch the noon time shows and they have those Japanese-themed choreo or dances, the songs are just outdated. It's still Utada's Automatic and Pizzacato's Sweet soul revue and making Final Fantasy BGMs on ABS' variety shows or news... >_< Sorry, I'm getting out of topic here.

    Anyway, It's not also that Filipinos are lazy to understand another language, it's just some times there are no resources or rather Filipinos are just gonna critize you if you speak another language (except English, and our Native dialects). Sometimes, They're just not interested...

    Well about Sayaka, Yeah, only if they knew that Sayaka was half-Filipino and then they might recognize AKB48. If that happens we might even see AKB in ASAP! or SOP! haha. I don't mind if she just bring Team K over as long as I can feast my eyes on Yuko! ^_^v

  6. um.. not all filipinos love KPOP mostly Females love KPOP because as said singers in the band are in the soap operas. im a Filipino but i love mostly JPOP than KPOP, Yeah i Love AKB48, if i can print a T-Shirt of them i would but using them in the streets will probably embarrass myself.

    Oh and due to they like the KPOP and JPOP songs only lasts probably a week or so. thats how some filipinos accept other genre, type of songs in the country, though not speaking for everybody.

    oh and i love Utada hikaru too (Japanese)
    and BoA Kwon (Korean)
    some of Koda Kumi (Japanese)

    legacy loved them,
    those are the first female i loved i think

  7. Haha nalaman ko lang yung AKB48 dahil doon sa nakausap ko, tinry ko hanapin yung pangalan niya sa facebook. Tapos tinry ko rin sa google ayun lumabas akb48. Pangalan niya nakata chisato tapos nakita ko sa wiki magkamukha sila ng ka chat ko, pero tinanong ko kung siya yung doon sa akb48 sabi niya hindi. Doon nagsimula ang pakikinig ko sa J-pop. Maganda rin a J-rap favorite ko si SoulJa

  8. The person you were chatting with looked like Chiichan?! Wow. Ey, every one of you should come on by one of the AKB48 Fans Manila Meetups, we can hook you up with a lot more AKB stuff to give you more exposure to the awsumness that is AKB!

  9. I don't think it's a Filipino thing not to like a non-english/ non-filipino song.

    Heck, just look at America, it's very rare for a non-American (even if the song is in english) artist to make it big there, what more, a non-english song.

    Personally, I just stumbled upon akb48 when I was doing by "research" in the japanese girl groups scene because SNSD (KPop group) will be going to Japan.

    And after I watched Baby! Baby! Baby!, I knew that time that akb gained another Filipino fan.

  10. The only reason i can site why Filipinos never got to embrace Jpop despite of its world-wide popularity is because of world war 2 war crimes that the Japanese troops did against the Filipinos. Not all but most I guess.

  11. just want to rant...imma Jurina Oshimen xD

  12. I love sayaka! I'm half filipino half British, and I think sayaka is just amazingly beautiful, one reason why i started to learn japanese.

  13. i love jpop more than kpop music and lyrics never wavers after 19 years..otakuness..

  14. Jurina <3 Jurinaaaa <3

  15. I think the reason is that the management wouldn't open its doors to the digital music industry, I think that they should start opening their doors to the digital music industry, like selling their songs on iTunes but that is so unlikely cos that might prevent people or the japanese people from buying cd's with event tickets in it. I think the management is kickin it old school and i think that the japanese are really devoted to their old practice. But im not losing hope, i know that AKB will be big in the philippines someday, i'll be really happy. Imagine them going here for a handshake event? Kyaa~ oh god just the thought of it really makes me smile XD

    -female akb fan my oshi is paruru <33