Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sayaka Akimoto Mentions She's Half-Filipina

I've been looking for a video that shows Sayaka Akimoto mentioning she has Filipino blood. When I was watching an episode of Sanma no Manma (Nov. 29, 2009 episode), a friendly chat show that guested 10 members of AKB48, I nearly jumped out of my seat when I heard her say it!

The host was inquiring about their first performance in New York when the girls said that it was Sayaka Akimoto who MC'ed it. Since Japanese are normally bad at english, Sayaka would explain that she's half-Filipina. Another interesting part was that apparently the host also knew a little Filipino. After asking for her fullname, the host would then say "Akimoto maganda Hapon". That wasn't the amazing part; what was amazing was that Sayaka understood it! Sayaka would then explain to the other girls what "maganda" meant, and then what "Hapon" meant (maganda is beautiful and Hapon is Japanese, meaning Akimoto is a beautiful Japanese [the grammar is a little off, it should be "magandang Hapon", but it was understandable]). It was fun to hear the AKB girls repeat the phrase "maganda Hapon", and seeing Akimoto explain what it meant.

Ang galing mo, Sayaka!


  1. first of all, great blog! I just discovered it today. A fellow Filipino with an AKB blog is just awesome, keep it up!

    and yeah, I loved this episode of Sanma no Manma too, Sayaka was so funny and really genki! And yes, Sayaka is maganda!

  2. hi dude. this is RichardTheBrave, i am Roland's officemate. nice seeing you make this blog to spread the AKB love everywhere :)

    but on a sad note, the cd that you wanted is already out of stock (watarirouka hashiritai 2 cds, type A). HMV run out of supplies. :(

    we can't contact you via phone. Roland has texted you but you haven't replied yet.

    @Hina - hey! nice seeing you here. and yes Sayaka is maganda hehehe!!!

  3. @hina - thanks hina! I read your blog often and I'm so glad for the nice comments! Your support pin icon is so cool, I should have thought of that!

    @Richard - huhuhu... had I known that Mayuyu had a solo on that thing, I would have preordered it... but I'm glad that their single is selling so well it's getting sold out!

    At hindi basta lang maganda si Sayaka ha, kwela pa!

  4. Thanks for sharing that vid! X3

    Now, I've seen concrete proof that she's half-Fil X3

  5. I so wanted a full translation of this vid ^^

  6. Sorry about that Duckhams, my Japanese is still so far from perfect. Maybe someday ;)

  7. this is great!!! i'm very happy that sayaka is proud of her mixed race.... sana lang maisip nilang na pumunta dito sa pinas... :))

  8. I so agree, I'd be ecstatic if they went to the Philippines!

  9. It's questionable whether she has a considerable filipino heritage... Akimoto doesn't look at all like her mother. And she has lived as a Japanese all her life. So she is at least 99% Japanese.

  10. Questionable according to who? Heck, if anything, Sayaka looks more Filipina than she does Japanese.

  11. I really love AKB48!! and I'm always updated on them, Sayaka is popular on akb because she's the team captain of team K, also shes a member of akb48 senbatsu top 24.. I really love them all :) How I wish I could go to Japan and watch them live.

  12. REALLY? "Magandang Hapon" means "Beautiful Japanese"? NAAAHH! The Maganda is correct but the Hapon is wrong. Hapon means "Afternoon".

    1. You're an idiot. Did you even watch the video? Even the host says it meant kirei na Nihonjin which is Japanese for beautiful Japanese, then again you probably don't even speak Japanese so what business do you have to speak so arrogantly? Only idiots do that. I probably speak better Japanese than you and I am a native Filipino speaker so to correct me so arrogantly... you must be an idiot. The intonation for hapon=afternoon and hapon=Japanese is different. I know how to pronounce good afternoon in Tagalog and I understood the context of the conversation, they all meant beautiful Japanese. I wouldn't be replying this way if you didn't post in such an arrogant way. Stop posting like an idiot and stop posting idiotic comments, you moron.